Welcome! Here's what Naturally Cool Kids is all about

We are here to provide you with great products that your children will love using and ones that you can have faith and trust in, leaving you feeling totally at ease.
Let's face it, we have enough to worry about so let us take care of this for you.

Gentle formulas for the most sensitive of skins

NO hidden ingredients it's all laid bare and explained for you, No jargon!

Made in the UK in small batches

Easy to use packaging that kids love, we all know the love To Do It Themsleves!

"I bought this sun cream as my son tends to react to most sun creams so I thought I would try an alternative.I wasn't sure how effective it would be with it been natural. But I was really happy with the results, No reactions or rashes, and it smells great too, RESULT!" JMS mum of 2

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Who's the person behind it all?

I’m Fiona Wood. I’m married with two sons, and as a mum, have experienced everything from sniffles to glue ear; and prickly heat to eczema.  I founded Naturally Cool Kids in July 2010 after years of being frustrated by the lack of affordable, natural skincare for kids.

Like many parents, I’ve always used natural products on my children’s skin, but when summer came, there were few alternatives to chemical-laden sunscreens; and in winter I had to compromise my sons’ natural skincare for cold protection containing petroleum and other additives that have been linked to carcinogens*, and which I absolutely wanted to avoid!

Having the privilege of creating products from scratch meant that we could choose where and how we manufacture, so, true to our passion for all things natural, we’ve made sure that our products are kind to the environment, and we also manufacture in the UK. Careful thought has also gone into the packaging design too, to make it so easy to use that children can even do it themselves!

And there are big plans for Naturally Cool Kids in the future so be sure to read our regular news updates on the website!